Scribe FAQ
How was Scribe conceived?
Scribe was conceived on September 15th, 2006 while I was looking for a forum that was innovative, looked good by default, and ran on a flat-file databse. When I didn't find anything that met my needs, I immediately started work on Scribe. A month later, a skeleton forum with the bare functions was completed.
What is a flat-file database?
A flat-file database is basically an organized filesystem where data is stored.
What is the advantage of a flat-file database?
You can get started with your forum with zero configuration, or even needed to access your server admin console to set up databases. Backups can be done from any computer via FTP, and people without administrator rights on their server can own their very own forum with just an FTP account.
Are there any disadvantages to this type of database?
Yes, there are disadvantages to any type of database. Flat-file databases are less secure, and more vulnerable to accidental deletion. They are also slower and larger in size.
What is FTP?
File Transfer Protocol is a method used by almost all web servers to transfer files. You need an FTP client to upload Scribe to your server and set the file permissions. A good free client is Firezilla.